curl 25 years online celebration

curl turns 25 years old and what better way to celebrate this than to join fellow curl friends, developers and fans online on the exact birthday?

At 17:00 UTC March 20, 2023. We run an Online birthday party open for everyone to join.

Consider muting yourself when you join, but feel encouraged to leave the camera on. Click the link above to get the time for your location. It is within this weird period between the US has switched to daylight saving time while Europe has not yet switched.

Bowmore. 25 years old.

If it works out, I will do a presentation walking over the bigger changes done over the years while sipping on the 25 year old single malt I have arranged for the occasion. With the ability for everyone to ask questions or otherwise contribute.

The meeting might be recorded and made available for watching after the fact.

The actual links needed to join or watch the celebrations will be added to this blog post closer to the event start.

Date: March 20 2023
Time: 17:00 UTC March 20, 2023
Where: Online

The event will be live-streamed.

Zoom meeting link

Say congrats?

Please express whatever you feel like in regards to curl’s 25th birthday in this discussion thread setup for this purpose.

23 thoughts on “curl 25 years online celebration”

  1. Curl is the tool I use every day, and it is necessary both for getting my work done and testing if things are working. Happy cake day, mate.

  2. Cheer and congratulations,
    for me, Curl is the best tool.
    I’m use every days and always find new things in it.
    Thank by your contribution to community.

  3. Please consider using a free software alternative to Zoom. The exposure would be great!
    See Matrix, Jitsi and probably others I haven’t personally used.

        1. Ditto. We use Jitsi and it works great for about 10-15 simultaneous users. Zoom scales up to 500+ simultaneous users. Will be seeing you online on the day!

  4. Just another grateful user. Rewrite to rust? 😀

    Just joking! Happy cakeday and hats off

  5. Happy 25th birthday to the cURL project and thank you for the development!

    Won’t be able to attend the video chat but enjoy the Bowmore 25!

  6. Hi Daniel,

    congratulations to your awesome anniversary! Will you publish the meeting link to your birthday party here or elsewhere?


  7. ¡Felicitaciones por el cuarto de siglo!
    Aunque me estoy peleando bastante, es una herramienta muy buena y me sirvió mucho.


  8. To Daniel and all contributors to curl,

    Happy 25th Birthday Curl .

    We’ve been using it for at least 15 years and its deployed in millions of TVs.

    Already integrated 8.0.1…

    All the best for the future.

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