a Bloomberg donation

Hi curl admins, Alyssa here from the Bloomberg Open Source Program Office. I wanted to let you know that curl was selected as a winner in our inaugural FOSS Contributor Fund! We wanted to let you know of the results before we transferred funds via Open Source Collective. Can you confirm you’ve received this message? Again, we’re super excited to support your work and excited that you were selected in our inaugural vote! Please let us know if we can be of any further support. All best, Alyssa.

The quote above was received by the curl team on March 27, 2023 and…

Open Collective

All curl funds are held by Open Collective, as the curl project is not a legal entity and cannot hold on to money or any assets at all really on its own.

Bloomberg’s donation was directed directly to Open Collective and below is a screenshot from there:

Screenshot from curl’s fund at Open Collective


We are of course grateful for this generous donation and we will make sure that we spend this money on activities that bring the project forward. A pledge we do for all money ever donated to us. We are determined to live up to the highest expectations of excellency that our awesome sponsors and donors might have on us. Now and in the future.

On the behalf of the curl project: Thank you Bloomberg!