“you have hacked into my devices”

I’ve shown you email examples many times before. Today I received this. I don’t know this person. Clearly a troubled individual. I suspect she found my name and address somewhere and then managed to put me somewhere in the middle of the conspiracy against her.

The entire mail is written in a single paragraph and the typos are saved as they were written. It is a little hard to penetrate, but here it is:

From: Lindsay

Thank you for making it so easy for me to see that you have hacked into 3 of my very own devices throughout the year. I’m going to be holding onto all of my finds that have your name all over it and not by me because I have absolutely no reason to hack my own belongings. I will be adding this to stuff I have already for my attorney. You won’t find anything on my brand new tablet that you all have so kindly broken into and have violated my rights but have put much stress on myself as well. Maybe if you would have came and talked to me instead of hacking everything I own and fallow me to the point of a panic attack because I suffer from PTSD I might have helped you. I cannot help what my boyfriend does and doesn’t do but one ting I was told by the bank is that they would not let me talk for him so I can’t get involved. He has had his car up for pickup for months but I’m guessing that the reason they won’t pick the car up in the street right where it has sat for months waiting is because I’ve probably see every single driver that has or had fallowed me. My stress is so terrible that when I tell him to call the bank over and over again he does and doesn’t get anywhere and because of my stress over this he gets mad and beats me or choaks me. I have no where to go at the moment and I’m not going to sleep on the streets either. So if you can kindly tell the repo truck to pick up the black suv at his dad’s house in the street the bank can give them the number it would be great so I no longer have to deal with people thinking that they know the whole story. But really I am suffering horrificly. I’m not a mean person but imagine not knowing anything about what’s going on with your spouse and then finding out they didn’t pay the car payment and so being embarrassed about it try to pay for it yourself and they say no I have it only to find out that he did it for a second time and his dad actually was supposed to pay the entire thing off but instead he went down hill really fast and seeing the same exact people every day everywhere you go and you tell your spouse and they don’t believe you and start calling you wicked names like mine has and then from there every time my ptsd got worse from it happening over and over again and he says you’re a liar and he’s indenial about it and because I don’t agree with him so I get punched I get choked and now an broken with absolutely no one but God on my side.how would you feel if it was being done to you and people following you and your so angry that alls you do is yell at people anymore and come off as a mean person when I am not? I don’t own his car that he surrendered I don’t pay his bills he told me to drive it and that’s it.i trusted a liar and an abuser. I need someone to help other than my mom my attorney and eventually the news if everyone wants to be cruel to me I’m going to the news for people taking my pictures stalking me naibors across the street watching and on each side of the house and the school behind. It isn’t at all what you all think it is I want someone to help get the suv picked up not stalked. How would you feel if 5 cities were watching every single move? I am the victim all the way around and not one nabor has ever really taken the time to get to know me. I’m not at all a mean person but this is not my weight to carry. I have everyone on camera and I will have street footage pulled and from each store or gestation I go to. I don’t go anywhere anymore from this and I’m the one asking for help. Their was one guy who was trying to help me get in touch with the tow truck guy and I haven’t seen him since and his name is Antonio. He was going to help me. I have been trying to to the right thing from the start and yet you all took pleasure in doing rotten mean things to me and laughing about it. I want one person to come help me since I can’t talk with the bank to get his suv picked up and I won’t press charges on the person that helps nor onthe tow truck guy either.

I have not replied.

8 thoughts on ““you have hacked into my devices””

  1. wow I don’t think it’s about the devices I think she’s just a schizophrenic in an abusive household.

  2. Where is the conspiracy here? This is someone needing help, that is just overwhelmed with the situation. I know there is nothing you can do for her, but you should not have published this. I feel you’re making profit from the misery of someone else. I’m a little shocked that you do this. Please take this post down. Thank you!

    1. Dear Anonymous:

      I’m showing this email here on my blog as an insight into what it is to be Daniel, author of curl. I don’t understand how you can make this into “making a profit of”, since this is just an email someone sent me and I’m not revealing any details to allow anyone to identify who this person is.

  3. Bingo bongo is on track, I think. She’s probably halfway delusional and really needs help of some sort. Perhaps you could reply and ask her to seek a trained psychologist. Not that such a reply is likely to help a lot, but she just might listen to a stranger.

    You probably shouldn’t take the mail personal, if she is delusional, she’ll be contacting anyone who appears in her daytime nightmare (which is way beyond what mere mortals can understand, I promise you).

    Been there, done that…

  4. I understand how it must have been distressing for you to receive such an accusatory email, but I also think you shouldn’t have posted this. This person is clearly mentally unwell and doesn’t need her problems displayed on the web for all to see.
    If I received an email like that, I would have calmly and patiently explained to her what curl was, why my name appeared on her devices, etc.
    For the above reason, I think maybe you should take this post down.

    1. @Jacob: I have “calmly and patiently explained” curl in replies to a huge number of persons who emailed me in the past. Barely anyone would understand or accept the explanation without a lot of back and forth. Most people see it as me trying to deflect and/or redirect the blame. And in almost every case it causes a flood of new mails. I have long since stopped responding to crazy emails. It is just not possible to manage for a single person.

  5. I hope that the name you included in the posted email is at least not the name in the actual email. bingo bongo is probably right and if this person’s abuser sees this email, they are likely to be severely injured. In addition, it’s one thing to show that you get email from people with mental illness who think you are part of what is happening to them, and another to do it in a way that potentially exposes their identity.

    I appreciate that this is difficult to manage, but I would suggest rather than posting something like this in public that you contact a local mental health agency or two who will look at the emails and potentially find a way to help.

    I understand your frustration with this kind of email, but I ask you to turn into a positive instead another potential harm to the person(s) involved.

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