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Rockbox Devcon kind of starts today

In just a few hours I’ll take off to Berlin to go visit The Rockbox International European Developers Conference 2008. This year is hopefully going to become the biggest devcon so far. If you’re in Berlin this weekend, show up and say hello!

For you people living on a continent more to the west, keep your eyes open for DevconWest2008, probably taking place August 22nd to the 23rd somewhere in the US.


Rockbox Euro Devcon 2008 in Berlin

Rockbox logo

We should soon have the official wiki page updated to properly mention that the European Rockbox Devcon 2008 will be in Berlin June 28-29th. The exact address being

the HQ of VAMED Deutschland (www.vamed.de)
Schicklerstr. 5-7, D-10179 Berlin

I certainly am gonna go there and I hope as many as possible of all Rockbox hackers will too, at least you who live on this continent.

There’s also a Devcon West 2008 planned, due to be sometime after the summer around the US west coast or something. Personally, I hope to be able to go to that too, but we’ll see how things look later on when they have a fixed time and location.

Rockbox International Devcon 2008

Rockbox devcon logo

(I dug up the old “devcon 2006” logo and I like it so much I thought I could use it again!)

I’d like to suggest that we set a date and place for the Rockbox International Devcon 2008 soon so that we all can start planning for it properly.

Personally, I would claim that having it near an international flight hub is a good idea (why Stockholm Sweden is ruled out this time), and since the dollar is dirt cheap now it is probably a good idea for both US-citizens and non-US citizens to have it in the US.

Within the US, I would suggest that the east coast and New York is among the best choices due to it being a frequent and often cheap destination from several places in Europe.

But of course, this requires that we have a volunteering person or preferably more than one person in that region who can hunt a suitable place and do some basic arranging for this kind of event. Any takers?

And if not New York, is there any other friends near an international flight hub that think they could work as “host” for devcon2008?

I would also suggest that we pick a date in the latter half of June. Around the weekends 21-22 or 28-29.

What do you think?

Please take answers/responses to the Rockbox forums.