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Bye bye Nexus 10 it was fun while it lasted

In the middle of my otherwise happy summer vacation, my Nexus 10 had a serious case of depression and took a nose-dive from a little over a meter above floor level and crashed into the mighty fine stone tiles. It got some serious damage and there are cracks all over the screen.

Nexus 10A while ago I posted a service request on Samsung’s site to get it fixed (they manufacture the Nexus-10s and the device have a product number and everything in Samsung’s systems), and they responded and directed me to my nearest “quick support center” for screen and display repairs. The nearest one happens to be located just a few hundred meters from where I work these days.

Today I stepped in there and asked to get my screen fixed.

– “It’ll cost you some 2000-3000 SEK” one of the two service guys says at once. Clearly not really wanting to fix it.

– “Eh, that’s a bit unspecific. Can you tell me with some better accuracy?” I reply. After all, I didn’t pay an awful lot more than 3000 SEK for it as new – in the US and I wanted to figure out if a repair would be worth the money.

– “Okay”, he says and leaves the room through a door and is gone for a while.

– “Do you have the serial number for it?” the guys says returning and yeah, I brought it there in its original box and the serial number is there. The guy leaves again.

– “Did you buy that device here?” He’s back. Without really specifying where “here” means but I figured he means in Sweden so I of course had to tell him

– “No, it’s purchased in the US”

– “Then we can’t fix it.” and then he explains how they can’t order the parts necessary for the device and that’s it. Nothing to do. They can’t.

Okay, so I knew there’s always a risk when “grey-importing” so I’m not really very upset. I’m mostly baffled by their response and also by the fact that there apparently is something different with the Nexus 10 display if it was bought in the US – or at least they say so.

We still have another Nexus 10 in the family and I’m ordering a 2nd gen Nexus 7 now to replace this dead thing with…