Rockbox on the Onda VX747

Maurus Cuelenaere has been very busy lately with his work on porting Rockbox to the Onda VX747 player. This 3″ LCD 4GB/8GB flash player isn’t just touch screen and very ipod touch-looking, it is also equipped with the Ingenic Jz4732 chipset. This is particularly interesting because this baby boasts an XBurst processor, which has a MIPS core clocked at 240 to 400MHz.

In other words: this is the first MIPS-based target Rockbox is being made for. Maurus has custom code running on it, we have adjusted to build a MIPS toolchain and there seem to be a handful of other Chinese PMP players using this chip family so this is a good chance to get a whole bunch of new targets at once. Just join the fun!

Get all the latests news on development for this target and chipset family in this forum thread.

Onda VX747

Normally I would link to the company’s official page about a player but this image will take you to a gadget blog site, simply because I cannot find any official site or page for this device!

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  1. mcuelenaere Says:

    There is an official site for the Onda VX747, only problem is it’s Chinese:

    Translated version:

  2. smn Says:

    I am also attempting to port rockbox for my player. It is similar to vx747 (jz4740). I would like to get some inputs from you.
    I am did the following things:
    1. Downlaoded rockbox-3.0.1
    2. setup the environment by using the script
    3. compiled rockbox as bootloader option. (B)
    4. got the rockboot.vx747 file.

    My problems:
    1. i could not compile “utils/jz4740_tools/ ” usbboot tool. i feel its because of the unavailabilty of the lib called “libusb-dev “. I am using a fedora core system to build. Do you have any idea how i can get this file.

    Thank you for all help and advices.


  3. daniel Says:

    Hey Smon!

    First, I think the Fedora package you need might be named “libusb-devel”, then I really urge you to join in and seek help/discuss your work in the above mentioned Forum thread:, the #rockbox IRC channel or even the rockbox-dev mailing list!

  4. smn Says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for your instant input. I am struggling with the tool compilation. as you mentioned i have tried “libusb-devel-0.1.8-6.i386.rpm” file. but the following is my results.

    Can you refer to any link to where i can get the rpms. is the utils/jz4740_tools refer to mipsel tools chain includes and lib or system include and lib ?
    I jus wented to quickly come to porting activity though i am in environment preparatory stage. Please help me if you have any clues.

    [root@localhost]# rpm -ivh libusb-devel-0.1.8-6.i386.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies:
    libusb = 0.1.8-6 is needed by libusb-devel-0.1.8-6.i386

    [root@localhost]# rpm -ivh libusb-0.1.8-6.i386.rpm
    Preparing… ########################################### [100%]
    package libusb-0.1.12-10.fc8 (which is newer than libusb-0.1.8-6) is already installed

    Or am i using some wrong source ? If you don’t mind could you share you chat id so that i can ask am rectify everything and start our discussion on porting activity.

    Thank you and best regards,

  5. daniel Says:

    the mipsel toolchain is probably the one you build with tools/ (for little endian MIPS)

    Regarding the RPM problems I really don’t know, those are all RPM- or even Fedora- specific problems. I’ve never had any such on my debian systems.

    And again, asking in that forums thread will reach more hackers in a situation similar to yours. I personally don’t even have a mips-based target…

  6. mcuelenaere Says:

    I found this link upon googling ‘libusb-devel fedora’:

    It seems to have libusb-devel-0.1.12-10.fc8 (which I think is the version you need).

    And like daniel said, you should really go on IRC or join the forums, that way I/we can help you better (and perhaps coordinate porting efforts?)

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