Sansa View is PP+mi4 based

Sansa View I was just told about it by zivan56, and my mi4 page was just updated: the SanDisk Sansa View uses the mi4 file format and it is clearly PortalPlayer based. mi4code can find the crypto key, so decrypting it for disassembly is easy.

In fact, the zip contains two mi4 files and the second one is called “mediaproc.mi4” seems to be for a separate processor or similar, and it makes sense since the PP can’t do the movie playback etc with the specs that they boast for this player.

That media processor might very well be a “nv6110“, referred to many times in the firmware image.

Go crazy in the Rockbox forum thread about it!

3 thoughts on “Sansa View is PP+mi4 based”

  1. It’s a very good news !
    but that make me crazy, i was thinking buying a sansa e280FM and now i dont know what i have to do.
    I suppose porting effort will take alot of time and i cant imagine using a MP3 player without rockbox s i use my old Archos recorder V1 from the begining.
    i’ll perhaps wait a bit and see whats happen in the next weeks.

    THx for your Rockbox implication and for that blog !!


  2. Yeps, I expect that in a few weeks time or so we should have a much clearer picture on how feasible a Rockbox port is to this baby.

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