MapShare part II – not the last episode

Tomtom ONEContinued from Tomtom MapShare.

I bought a new shiny 2GB SD card (which btw made me realize how dirt cheap these things are nowadays) and inserted it into my Tomtom ONE only to find out that backups done with the previous version of “Tomtom HOME” (their windows-only PC-based management tool) weren’t recognized, so I had to put back the old SD card again, make a backup, swap back to the new card and restore the backup.

Then I could buy a version 7 Scandinavian map from Tomtom (4o Euros) and yes, the MapShare options are now available and I also enabled the “correction” button for the main screen to allow me to tap it to make corrections as I go. Now I’ll just need to find places to go to where corrections are needed. A bit dissapointing fact is that I’ve selected options to get other people’s corrections even those that aren’t Tomtom-verified (as long as “multiple persons” did the correction), but the tool just says there are no corrections available for me!

Are there really no corrections done? I find that hard to believe, but I’ll give this the benefit of a doubt for a while. Anyone reading this who made a correction on the Tomtom-provided Scandinavian v7 map? I’m curious if the corrections are based on maps or just on positions, since I would guess that their “Western Europe” map will have the same flaws and mistakes as the “Scandinavia” map does…

Data Sheet Leakage

Irony is part of life.

Data Sheet for a technical thingOne of the “secret” kind of manufacturers out there which refuses to provide docs to their chips unless you sign an NDA and God-knows-what, requires a user name and a password on their web site before they hand out docs. It turned out they only protect themselves using javascript so you can just read the HTML pages and the embedded javascript in them to figure out the exact URLs to use and wham, the data sheets are downloadable…

No, I won’t tell you the exact company nor site (or even exactly when this was discovered or tested) since then they might discover this and fix. I’ve tried this myself and it works fine, but I was not the one who figured it out.

Yeah, this is a moral dilemma: should we tell the manufacturer about their problem and thus close the doors for users to get this docs? Or would that risk backfiring on the guy(s) that tell them? What would you do?