Rockbox on v2 Sansas

Sansa c200SanDisk apparently has released updated versions of their Sansa c200 and e200 series, called c200 v2 and e200 v2. Since Rockbox works pretty fine on the original c200 and e200 series and not at all on the new v2 players, users start to take notice!

The v2 series are claimed to be compliant (it spells DRM), which we originally thought would imply some sort of e200R style, but the first details about the c200 v2 internals seem to hint that the hardware is seriously changed and there’s hardly any hope left for a quick port to these devices.

To recognize a v2 of these devices, carefully look for the “v2” text on the backside or for “ support” on the box.

We’re of course still eagerly awaiting published scans or photos of the internals of the v2 series, as well as getting our hands on firmware upgrades for them. Do they even use mi4 files?

In the mean time, the Sansa View isn’t even available in the stores here in Sweden yet! 🙁 Oh right, we still await scans of the View’s internals as well!