A thankful Rockbox user

I just wanted to share with you some very friendly and encouraging words I received in a mail from an individual that shall remain unidentified. It is actually rather unusual to get this kind of cheerful words as people who get things and enjoy them rarely get back, but instead we hear more from the ones who get problems or are otherwise unhappy. sansa e200R - looks almost like a e200 v2

“From someone not nearly so gifted and talented, thanks for your efforts to develop Rockbox on the Sansa e200 v2.
Your efforts are deeply appreciated by many, and I’m glad that there is someone as clever and kind as you working on this project in your spare time (which I’m sure is precious to you.)
Work on the project when you can, but don’t deprive your family of your time and presence – they are your most important treasure. I’m just a private individual, and I know this little expression of thanks doesn’t mean much, but here it is, just the same. All the very best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and the coming new year!”

Thanks a lot. (linkified by me)