Axis2/C going libcurl?

Axis2/CApache’s Axis2/C project, said to be “the only complete SOAP engine” is considering to move over to use libcurl for HTTP transport by default. At least Axis2/C developer Dinesh Premalal thinks they should, and he lists multiple reasons in his blog and I can of course do nothing but agree.libcurl

One reason he failed to mention is that we all (Axis2/C users and libcurl users) benefit from them switching to libcurl since then we’ll have a larger combined potential developer base and we’ll get more eyes on the code, more testing done and thus in the end we will get a better transport library all over.

I’m slightly puzzled by Dinesh’s blog entry since this bug tracker entry submitted to Axis2/C mentions their failure to include curl’s copyright/license text in the distribution, which seems to imply that they already use (parts of) curl. Or?

2 thoughts on “Axis2/C going libcurl?”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Yes we have libcurl based transport implementation. However it is optional. We use our own implementation as default transport. If user needs to have libcurl based transport , He needs to build it with –enable-libcurl=yes. In that blog entry my intension was to make libcurl based HTTP transport default one 🙂

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