When Worlds Collide

SanDisk Sansa ConnectReaders of my blog or my site or almost whatever on the internet where my name would appear should know that two of my primary open source involvements are in the curl and the Rockbox projects.

Therefore I felt great pleasure yesterday when both of these worlds collided!

While investigating the internals of the SanDisk Sansa Connect mp3 player for the Rockbox project, fellow Robert Keevil discovered that it actually includes… libcurl! (actually, he discovered this before but I only realized it yesterday)

Of course I updated the companies that use curl page with this news…

Slashdot pirate party propaganda

I bounced at reading the following quote at Slashdot today: “Moreover, the people of Sweden are decidedly on their side, with the Pirate Party, which is sympathetic to TPB’s cause, being one of the top ten political parties in the country.”.

Facts: In our last election 2006, roughly 34,000 Swedes voted for “Piratpartiet” which actually made it the 10th most voted-for party in Sweden. That is 0.63% of the votes.

Does this really make “the people of Sweden” on their side? Who would say something like that? Oh, look at who submitted the Slashdot post… Not even shy about it, the poster links to http://www.pirate-party.us/ …

But sure, it was one of the top ten Swedish parties in 2006 – the tenth to be exact. There’s unfortunately no newer numbers to be found anywhere since most polls tend to lump all the “little parties” together in a single number and november 2007 that number was 1.2% of the votes and Piratpartiet only one of many in there…