Rockbox on the vision:m

Creative Zen Vision:MMaurus Cuelenaere has been doing some great progress recently and is now capable of running custom code on the Creative Zen Vision:M target.

The work is now in full progress to make the Rockbox bootloader actually run on it. The LCD seems to work and buttons are in the works…

If you haven’t joined before, now’s a perfect opportunity to dig up that old Creative’s of yours and join the Rockbox bandwagon as it starts to roll on yet another target!

It is a TMS320DM320 target, and all the hw info you need is here.

Two good ones is better than one half-baked

Rockbox tinyGiven the debate going on about where we should possibly have the “universal devcon 2008”, where lots of euro people have expressed their not wanting to go to the US for economy reasons and/or for privacy reasons, and a fair amount of US people have expressed concerns about the air fares for flying to Europe, I think I’m currently favoring this approach:

Separate devcons this year again

We arrange a European devcon somewhere in central Europe, quite possibly Berlin Germany or Brussels Belgium since it seems we have a few volunteers in those areas and they seem to be good enough “hubs” for Europeans in general.

If the US devcon is setup a suitable period (like two months or so) after the Euro one, it will be good for two reasons:

  1. it has a greater chance to build and work on things already discussed in the Euro devcon
  2. it may give some people the chance to attend to both, or either one that fits the best

Of course we could also do it vice versa with the US one before the Euro one.

Personally, I’m hoping I can get a chance to go to both but it’s really just my hope for now and nothing is sure by far yet. Oh, and of course I’ll then prefer a US devcon on the east coast but quite possibly that doesn’t make sense when it is setup to cater for the US Rockbox hackers primarily.