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Good port day

Things happen in bursts. Development goes on and on for long periods without any noticeable big breakthroughs, and then all of a sudden a lot happens at once. And those days are the best days!

Rockbox now works somewhat on the iAudio7, new patch posted today!

Rockbox now almost runs on the Creative Zen Vision:m, but at least the guys can now install the bootloader to load and start without having to rip out the harddrive and put it into a PC first!

We can now install new firmwares on the M6 players when running linux thanks to new tools being developed!

Rockbox on the vision:m

Creative Zen Vision:MMaurus Cuelenaere has been doing some great progress recently and is now capable of running custom code on the Creative Zen Vision:M target.

The work is now in full progress to make the Rockbox bootloader actually run on it. The LCD seems to work and buttons are in the works…

If you haven’t joined before, now’s a perfect opportunity to dig up that old Creative’s of yours and join the Rockbox bandwagon as it starts to roll on yet another target!

It is a TMS320DM320 target, and all the hw info you need is here.