Rockbox on the vision:m

Creative Zen Vision:MMaurus Cuelenaere has been doing some great progress recently and is now capable of running custom code on the Creative Zen Vision:M target.

The work is now in full progress to make the Rockbox bootloader actually run on it. The LCD seems to work and buttons are in the works…

If you haven’t joined before, now’s a perfect opportunity to dig up that old Creative’s of yours and join the Rockbox bandwagon as it starts to roll on yet another target!

It is a TMS320DM320 target, and all the hw info you need is here.

4 thoughts on “Rockbox on the vision:m”

  1. Isnt a similar SoC chips than the Sansa E280V2 ??
    if yes that will be help for that so awainting port!

  2. Not really, this is the same SoC as used in the Olympus M:robe 500 for which sound already has been produced so it should be able to take advantage of that progress. The v2 sansas use an AMS chip that’s entirely different.

  3. hey daniel, i’m pretty new to all this, and I’ve been browsing the rockbox site and trying to understand, but for a user, not a techie, it is a bit hard. I used to have a iaudio, loved the way it worked as an external hd (ums), and now I’ve bought this creative thinking it was going to work the same way, stupid me. So for me, it is waiting for your and your collegues amazing work so I can install your firmware…
    I’ve been thinking about buying an Ipod and install rockbox, but from what I gather, there will be rockbox for the creative soon? if there is some firmware already, pls show me the way …. thx a billion! respect … w°

  4. I’m not even working on the Creatives myself so I’m not the correct person to ask, but then of course it is very hard for everyone to make any kind of schedules or estimations when or even if there will be a Rockbox with a suitable set of features for these players.

    Join in the forum thread I link to and read and discuss with the other zen vision M users and contribute to make Rockbox happen on this target!

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