AOL UK uses curl in disguise

Information to this was mailed to me from a friend but is easily verified as I’ll describe below.curl tiny

America Online in the UK (AOL UK) is using our cURL application (without including the license anywhere) as part of their automated broadband router configuration CD for their AOL UK customer base. The CD is provided to all AOL UK customers and the automated router configuration component using cURL has been included with it for a couple of years.

The software includes the cURL application renamed to “AOL_Broadband_Installer.EXE“. There is no license included or mention of the license anywhere on the CD or installer, contrary to what’s required at

The md5sum for AOL_Broadband_Installer.EXE matches the win32 binary in the release package I personally built and offer for download…!

If you want to check it out yourself, the direct link I figured out to the installer is here and I found it on this page (download the “easy installer” for Netgear DG834G).

Update: see my reply below.

2 thoughts on “AOL UK uses curl in disguise”

  1. I was contacted today privately by a friendly person at AOL Broadband regarding this, and he assures me that this was a mistake that is going to be addressed.

    The renaming of the tool is also done in order to make it more obvious to users that it is the installer wanting to access the internet (when their firewall warns about it etc) rather than a cryptic “curl” tool.

    I’m impressed by this action and attitude. Thanks AOL!

  2. The renaming of the tool is also done in order to make it more obvious to users…

    And the licence has been stripped away so that users who would accidentally read were not confused. D’oh!

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