The IPv6 failure being joined by DNSSEC?

In case you haven’t read it before, Randy Bush‘s 55 page PDF slide show named “IPv6 Transition & Operational Reality” is a harsh (but quite accurate) description of how the IPv6 protocol was made, where some of its major problems lie and why the transition is going so slow etc.

I tried to find some official and recent figures or statements from some of the more IPv6-positive people and companies, but I failed to find much updates from after the year 2000 or so…

Speaking of network things that aren’t so successfully deployed: DNSSEC. Apparently (runs the Swedish TLD) tested 10 broadband routers (article and PDF in Swedish only) how well they support this (I believe mainly because .se tries to be a pioneer in DNSSEC), and 7 of the tested ones failed… Personally I’ve never liked the fact that DNSSEC isn’t really crafted to do it securely all the way.

2 thoughts on “The IPv6 failure being joined by DNSSEC?”

  1. What sort of figures are you looking for? All of the RIRs publish annual reports showing IPv6 allocation rates for their region. Hurricane Electric also publishes their IPv6 progress report – – which is updated daily.

    There were some very good talks at RIPE 55 on actual IPv6 usage. The slides are online.

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