Tonium’s Pacemaker has little point

I happened to read an article on (in Swedish) that talks about the people behind the company Tonium and their portable music device called “Pacemaker“.the pacemaker

The description on the site says: “the world’s first pocket-size DJ-system – a superior portable music player enabling the playing of two tracks simultaneously, equipped with an extensive range of professional audio manipulation features allowing for creative mixing between two independent channels. Any mix created can be saved for legal sharing.

Having been involved and hacked on portable music players for a few years by now, I can’t but to wonder exactly who this is targeted for and what they are supposed to do with it? I do like the pictures on their site showing business-style persons using it, but why on earth would any ordinary human want to mix songs while on the go?

The IDG article says (translation by me) that (talking about Jonas Norberg the CEO) “it was in January 2005 when he realized that the computing power required to playback video should suffice to play back two simultaneous audio streams“. Yeah – and that was all we had to know in order to quickly see that this guy certainly is not an engineer… 🙂

Of course, there’s also this possibility than I’m just an old grumpy whiner.

One thought on “Tonium’s Pacemaker has little point”

  1. Hello Bagder 🙂 – I had to register to post a message 🙁 – WordPress don’t have an option for OpenID?

    Well, about pocket-size DJ-system, I think is great, like I had imagined in the past!!

    I would like to have device that permits I stay in some music show, capturing the live sound and I mixing that with some other that I have in recorded. I could listen in headphones my mix, not the original from the show 🙂 🙂 — okok, this ideas looks a lot of freak 😉 🙂

    Anyway, I was interested in the past about DJ, turntables and I made a quick hardware project with title “Homemade MIDI turntable”:

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