Rockbox on iAudio M3

iAudio M3This player’s been out for quite some time and most certainly won’t be found anywhere to be bought as new. Still, Jens Arnold’s been working hard on this port lately and just minutes ago he mentioned that he got sound working on it – and the build table subsequently has all three kinds of the M3 build added to it.

The M3 is roughly an M5 but without any LCD on the main unit, there’s only that one on the LCD! And of course the M5 was almost an X5 but with a greyscale LCD… So it is another one of them Coldfire 5249 based targets. The LCD on the remote is 128×96 2bit greyscale,

The M3 comes with 20 or 40GB harddisk and there’s an M3L around with a larger capacity battery

How many Rockbox ports are there now? It’s hard to tell as it really depends on what level of maturity and how much functionality you require before you count it as an actual port, but the configure script in our source tree has 38 different ones mentioned. I believe some of them are not more than embryos, but there are also other initial efforts not yet added to this script.

Cowon’s spec page on the M3.

Rockbox on Meizu M6

Meizu M6In the eternal chase for new targets to port Rockbox to, the turn seems to have come to the tiny Meizu M6 player.

This 55 gram thing is slightly smaller than a credit card (width and height at least) and it boasts a 2.4″ LCD, 4GB flash and is powered by a Samsung SA58700 (ARM940T core and a CalmRISC16 DSP thing). It has an FM tuner and built-in mic for recording as well.

There’s of course the standard Rockbox forum thread,and an HW info page in the Rockbox wiki.

Other targets with the exact same SoC include the irivers E10, clix and S10. But none of those have a Rockbox port yet.