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Meizu M3 displays Rockbox

Just days after the nice Sansa v2 LCD screenshots, the guys on the Meizu front brought this picture (photo taken by Frank Gevaerts).

It does show a working LCD driver although of course the colours are all messed up due to some glitch still remaining in there…

It’s somewhat confusing with another model called M3, as Rockbox already runs on the iAudio M3 since March 2008. I think we need to refer to the Meizu M3 as MM3 or perhaps always with Meizu prepended or similar to differentiate between them properly.

Nice job!

DFU mode on 2nd gen Nanos

Some clever hackers in the Rockbox community wrote up a tool to access the Meizu players’ DFU mode (while running Linux – which I already mentioned), and using this we can upload and run code on several Meizu targets. The code is put and executed in SDRAM only. It makes it a perfect way to test new code on it.

The Meizu players have their SoC in common with Apple’s Nano 2nd gen and Shuffle 2nd gen.

There are indications that the Nanos have such a DFU mode as well, even though we don’t currently know of any way to trigger it by will. Possibly shorting the NAND chip or destroying the firmware or similar might do it.

If you have such a broken Nano or Shuffle, please get in touch and we can do some poking around!

Obviously, there’s a DFU mode on the iphone and iPod touch that can be triggered:

Your phone must be off, but attached via USB to the PC. Then you hold the power and “home” buttons for 10 seconds. At the ten second mark, you release the power button, but keep the “home” button pressed for another 10 seconds. At the end of that process, the phone enters DFU mode (the only way to tell is windows will tell you a USB DFU device has connected)” (thanks to GodEater)

Although I’m convinced our limited DFU experiments will not be a lot of fun on those devices (yet).

It seems iPod Classics can also go into this mode.

For the iPod Nano 2nd gen:

“To access DFU mode, reset the iPod with MENU+SELECT, then press and hold BACK+PLAY. A picture of the dock connector should appear with the Apple support URL; according to lsusb, this is DFU mode…  it seems that you have to first trash the firmware before you can access it.” (thanks to LambdaCalculus37)

Since autumn 2009, Rockbox boots and runs on the iPod Nano 2nd generation!

Rockbox on Meizu M6

Meizu M6In the eternal chase for new targets to port Rockbox to, the turn seems to have come to the tiny Meizu M6 player.

This 55 gram thing is slightly smaller than a credit card (width and height at least) and it boasts a 2.4″ LCD, 4GB flash and is powered by a Samsung SA58700 (ARM940T core and a CalmRISC16 DSP thing). It has an FM tuner and built-in mic for recording as well.

There’s of course the standard Rockbox forum thread,and an HW info page in the Rockbox wiki.

Other targets with the exact same SoC include the irivers E10, clix and S10. But none of those have a Rockbox port yet.