libev vs libevent

Only a few years ago (autumn 2005) I was awarded a grant by (“The Internet Infrastructure Foundation” in Sweden) and in my subsequent work on the code for that project, I used libevent and implemented a high performance API for libcurl when dealing with very many simultaneous transfers.

Recently when I’ve read about people using the curl_multi_socket() API, I’ve seen mentions of the libev library and today when I’ve finally read up on the subject I fell over their very interesting performance comparison document comparing libev with libevent, including charts and all. Perhaps not a surprise when coming from one of the main the libev authors, but it seems libev does perform from some to significantly better than libevent depending on the circumstances.

When I get some time over I think I’ll try to port some of the example source codes over to use libev and see how it plays for me.

Update: I like how is used by Long Island Beverage Systems Inc… 🙂