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poll vs select

I’m a person working a lot with networking and development around it. I mostly do this on Linux, often involving drivers or otherwise very close to the operating system and C and the core libraries.

The other day I once again fell over some random inaccuracy about poll compared to select and instead of trying to whine on some IRC channel or complain on their mailing list, I decided I would instead strike back by writing up and presenting a web page of my own. It details as much as possible about poll vs select and related event-based functions. I want it to become a placeholder for everything that is relevant to say about poll and select in a comparison aspect and when comparing them to event-based alternatives like libevent and libev.

So the next time I face someone not quite understanding this whole situation or perhaps when someone reiterates something that isn’t quite true, I have a resource to point to.

Not to mention that I think this new poll vs select page fits in nicely with my other “X vs Y” articles and docs pages I’ve written the last few years.

If you find flaws, or miss details or have questions about this page. Please do not hesitate to comment here, or to mail me about it or tweet me on twitter or whatever method you prefer. I appreciate your feedback!

poll vs select

libev vs libevent

Only a few years ago (autumn 2005) I was awarded a grant by iis.se (“The Internet Infrastructure Foundation” in Sweden) and in my subsequent work on the code for that project, I used libevent and implemented a high performance API for libcurl when dealing with very many simultaneous transfers.

Recently when I’ve read about people using the curl_multi_socket() API, I’ve seen mentions of the libev library and today when I’ve finally read up on the subject I fell over their very interesting performance comparison document comparing libev with libevent, including charts and all. Perhaps not a surprise when coming from one of the main the libev authors, but it seems libev does perform from some to significantly better than libevent depending on the circumstances.

When I get some time over I think I’ll try to port some of the example source codes over to use libev and see how it plays for me.

Update: I like how libev.com is used by Long Island Beverage Systems Inc… 🙂