alpine in, pine out

As one of the last living dinosaurs on the planet still using text-based email clients, I realized that pine has been replaced by alpine and I upgraded to that. When doing some reading up on the subject, I noticed that there’s another old grumpy guy still using this client. I’m not sure exactly what that says…

Anyway, the upside of this switch is that this client is now distributed under a proper open source license (Apache license 2.0), as that’s what I’ve been getting in my face from mutt users for years when I’ve explained what I use! (I mean the complaint that pine wasn’t proper open source)

2 thoughts on “alpine in, pine out”

  1. You may have the freeness of mutt now, but you still don’t have the features 🙂

  2. I beg to differ. I’ve tried mutt on several occasions over the last years and I’ve never made it work the way I’d want it to. Thus I remain with alpine as it supports my huge mail flood the way I like.

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