Rockbox displays stuff on Sansa v2

The small team of Rockbox hackers working on the Sandisk Sansa v2 architecture have been doing some great progress recently and I think it’s fair to say that we all enjoy Rafaël Carré’s photo on the left here (showing a Sansa Clip) that shows the state of where things are right now.

There is code running. There’s a start on a LCD driver and there’s a working concept to put our own bootloader code onto the device that can load and start rockbox in a future.

Nice work on this guys!

3 thoughts on “Rockbox displays stuff on Sansa v2”

  1. Useful to say it’s a clip v1, since we have yet to see a v2. Hopefully we’ll see Rockbox on the sansa v2s after getting the nand to work.

  2. What a good news !
    waiting for sansa V2 support for a so long time

    big thanks to all the devs involved in this hard task and congratulation to them!
    next milestone is the “we have sound” announce and i hope that will be soon.


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