foss-sthlm second meetup

Within the network of people we call foss-sthlm, the time is closing in towards our second meetup. Or “Möte #2” as we so imaginatively call it (translates to “meeting #2”), to be held in the same great place as the first one, on May 19th 2010.

Our first gettogether was an astounding success and I don’t expect us to be able to repeat that massive attention and number of attendees this time. Things still look good and the number of attendees just reached 80 with exactly three weeks to go, so there’s still good time for more people to decide.

This time we’ve lined up 5 speakers and we’ve made an deliberate effort to not re-use any of the speakers from the first metting to make sure more people get the chance. Unfortunately, that means I won’t do any talk! 😉 Topics this time (for those lazy enough to not visit the link or if you for any reason think Swedish is hard to digest) include:

Smalltalk, FOSS legalities in Sweden, Cross platform Qt, Women in Open Source and FFmpeg.

I’m glad that we once again have sponsors that will let us use the room for free, provide sandwiches and coffee for the break without charge so that we can do this thing admission free once again. We learned from the first meeting that we need a little break in the middle.

If you’re in the area and still haven’t signed up, please go ahead. We’ll get a full afternoon with hardcore FOSS talks, followed by the rest of the evening at a pub talking FOSS with Stockholm’s FOSS hackers that matter.

Logotype Competition

We’re also throwing out different logo alternatives on the mailing list as a kind of competition and I guess we’ll just vote for a winning contribution at some point. My personal favorite so far is probably this version created by Tommy Nevtelen: