a 20 to 1 spam to comment ratio

It has been a little over 1500 days since I started this (wordpress’ed) version of my blog. During this time, I’ve posted entries, people have submitted comments and most of all there have been spammers posting “comments”.

During these 1500 days I’ve posted over 600 blog entries. Roughly one entry every 2.5 days. We can see that my visitors aren’t that talkative in comparison as I’ve received some 550 comments in total to my blog posts.

10,000 spam comments have been submitted. That means roughly 20 times more spam than legitimate comments. The world can indeed be a sad place at times! 🙁

4 thoughts on “a 20 to 1 spam to comment ratio”

  1. I check your blog almost every day hoping for new entries, and I can say I read everything you post here, as I am for sure a fan of both libCurl and Rockbox. This is my first comment ever here since I feel it’s the good moment.
    Don’t be too sad ! There’s still some good people out there really interested in what you have to share with us !
    Don’t you dare stopping posting here !!! 😉

  2. Hopefully you’re using Akismet to manage the spam?

    Also, didn’t you used to require a login or something (a practice I’m not crazy about, but certainly sympathize with…)

    Could add a captcha of some sort… MoinMoin uses a “textcha”, a question/answer based system with hard-to-automatically-guess questions.

  3. I use Akismet, yes, and probably more than 99.9% of the comment spams are trapped by it. All I need to do is to ‘delete all spam’ every now and then. It really isn’t a lot of work.

    Forcing login is a way to limit spam further, but I would still need to “ack first post” since too many spams are made by actual real humans.

    Handling this amount and type of spam really isn’t hard.

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