I’m with Nexus 10

I held off this long but now I’ve joined theNexus 10 tablet owning part of the world. I brought home my new and shiny Nexus 10 yesterday (purchased in the US, it is not yet available to buy in this dusty and dark corner of the world).

Android 4.2 on a 10 inch 2560×1600 screen is a lovely experience. It is the 16GB wifi-only version. Did I mention that the screen is awesome?

One thought on “I’m with Nexus 10”

  1. I got to play with a friend’s Nexus 10 over the weekend. It is indeed a sexy, beautiful tablet. Android 4.2 is so silky and speed on this device!

    Mine, however, will be the Nexus 7 32GB model. 🙂

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