2 thoughts on “HTTP/2 talk on Packet Pushers”

  1. Hello Daniel,

    Comments to older posts appear to be closed, so I’m asking here.

    Do you know, will HTTP/2 be available for non-encrypted transfers?
    Is there any policy or plans on that? Or those, who won’t implement https support will have to stick to HTTP/1.1?

  2. (I’m closing comments on older posts since they basically only attract spammers otherwise.)

    I have a pending larger blog post that I’m preparing on the single subject of TLS for HTTP/2! 🙂

    The short answer here is that right now there is no browser that implements HTTP/2 without HTTPS although the spec has no such limitations. Therefore the sites that have popped up now with HTTP/2 support also only do it for HTTPS.

    If the situation remains like this, then yes those who refuse HTTPS will basically have to stick with 1.1.

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