curl user survey 2021

It is time to once again tell you that people responded very similarly to how they did last year…

curl user survey 2021 analysys

Not a lot changed this year compared to last year. Perhaps the biggest three changes this year were that

1. HTTP/3, Unix domain sockets and DNS-over-HTTPS increased significantly among “used features”

2. NSS and GnuTLS both had their usage shares among used TLS libraries fall significantly.

3. My twitter account and this blog are now top-voted as the two channels people follow mostly for participation in curl related topics.

The most used protocols are of course still HTTPS and HTTP, and the newest supported protocol (GOPHERS) checks in as the least used protocol this time around.

Much more details can be found in the linked PDF. Enjoy.

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  1. > CURLOPT_WILDCARDMATCH should support SFTP

    Are you sure it’s already supported? Yes, seting the CURLOPT_WILDCARDMATCH option on a SFTP transfer works, but I get error code CURLE_URL_MALFORMAT when I use try to use a pattern in a SFTP url.

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