Sending those stickers

This part 2. See Giving a away an insane amount of curl stickers for part 1.

As suspected already from the start, I ran out of stickers really fast. I ordered more from my trusted sticker guy on the corner, and he could even deliver stickers put into pre-printed envelopes. Envelopes that even got a curl logo on them. Around two hundred recipients got stickers that way.

It took me a while to complete this task. Getting all the addresses organized took time, getting all the materials restocked took time, packaging sticker of different sorts to almost a thousand people took time and then I also of course had to do occasional work in the mean time so I didn’t finish the delivery from my end until near the end of June.

When I write this, I’ve just sent off the last few parcels. 978 recipients are now close(r) to get curl stickers.

My daughter Agnes helped me get things organized.

A backpack full of sticker delivery. A portion of them.

The envelop and stickers Colin ‘t Hart got.


The bulk amount of stickers would still get sent in larger batches to individuals who would send them on.

Thicker envelopes with stickers for multiple final recipients,, going out to redistributors around the world.

One redistributor single-handedly took 174(!) addresses, but otherwise they typically were in the range of 20-40 recipients each. Each redistributor got 4 * [number of recipients] + 10 stickers in their envelops.

The final batch of some of the larger shipments just before they were mailed away.


To spice up this game a little bit, most packages have gotten stickers of more than one kind. Hardly any package got the exact same setup (apart from the first batch). So whatever you might end up getting in the end, please cherish what you got and enjoy them. They are the result of quite a lot of work, sweat and devotion from a lot of people.

I’ve reimbursed most of my expenses for this from the curl fund, which means that this effort was paid for at least in part by our sponsors and Open Collective donors. Thanks for that!

Ending words

All the stickers have not yet arrived at their final destinations, so I’m writing this up a little premature. There will be disappointments involved because this whole process is very human-centric and error prone. Some of the addresses we got probably don’t even work or will be mis-interpreted down the line and more. I’ve done this to the best of my ability.

The plans for future sticker offers as discussed in part 1 are still just plans and have not materialized anything further yet.