curl user survey 2022 analysis

Once again I’ve collected the numbers, generated graphs, scratched my head and tried to understand what users mean and how to best use this treasure trove of user feedback.

The curl user survey 2022 ran for two full weeks in the end of May. Here is the document with all the numbers, graphs and analysis from this year’s data.

You will learn what protocols curl users use (HTTPS and HTTP), which TLS backend is the most popular (OpenSSL) and which the top platform is (Linux). And a lot more.

Spoiler: the results are not terribly different than last year and the year before that!

The analysis is a 36-page PDF, available here:


If you have specific feedback on the analysis itself, then I’m all ears. I’m not statistics scholar or anything, but I believe all the numbers, graphs and data I present in there are accurate barring my mistakes of course.