curl user survey 2024

Welcome to the 11th annual curl user survey. This is a once a year poll that we ask as many curl and libcurl users as possible to respond to.

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This is in many ways the only real way we get to know what curl users think about all sorts of curl matters. Our website does not log, it has no adds, it uses no cookies and it does no tracking. We do not count downloads, we do not know which man pages are read the most. We mostly ship our code into the void without knowing a whole about what people do with and think about it.

Asking our users directly is in effect our only and best way to get proper answers. So we do this every year, and we ask a lot of questions in the same fashion as last year so that we can better detect trends and changes in the community.

Your help is not only appreciated, it is crucial. Tell us your honest opinion. And if you have friends you know use curl or libcurl, please ask them to submit a set of answers as well. You help us greatly by donating several minutes of your busy life.

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The survey will be up during 14 days from May 14th until the end of May 28th 2024. It would be awesome to try to beat the last year’s submission numbers when 606 persons responded.

See also: the curl user survey 2023 analysis, which details the results and thoughts after last year’s edition.

3 thoughts on “curl user survey 2024”

  1. Firstly, I want to commend you on the excellent work you’ve done with Curl. It’s an invaluable tool for many of us in the tech community. I understand and respect your commitment to user privacy and the decision not to use tracking tools on your website.

    However, I wanted to suggest considering the use of Google Analytics 4. It’s a free tool that can provide valuable insights into user behavior on your site, such as the most visited pages, time spent on the site, and where users click the most. This data could help you understand your users better and make improvements where necessary.

    Of course, the decision to use such a tool should be balanced with the need to respect user privacy. Perhaps you could consider anonymizing the data or providing users with an option to opt out of tracking. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work!

    1. Please, do not use Google Analytics. I don’t think that you would, but I am tired of it, I am tired of cookie/consent popups on every website, and it’s an erosion of privacy, autonomy and consent in almost every case.

      If you must do web analytics for this blog or other curl project touchpoints on the web, it would be best to use self-hostable and privacy-preserving options, not third-party services.

      1. @sirocyl: correct, I would never dream of running a third-party JavaScript analytics/surveillance script on the curl site. It is not okay for a privacy aware website to do that.

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