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Everyone always has lots of projects going on. So do I. Here's where I intend to collect pointers to new and old projects of mine. See also my open source projects.


I am the main author and maintainer of cURL and libcurl. I always spend a lot of time reading and replying to curl, mails, as well as fixing bugs and improve things.


Rockbox is a multi-platform open source firmware for portable music players. See the Swedish magazine M3's article about us. I no longer work on this.


c-ares is an asynch name resolver library. I am project maintainer.


I needed a man page to HTML converter tool that makes nice-looking web pages. I found none I liked, so I wrote roffit.


C code portability is a subject I'm often involved in, one way or another. This is my take at gathering and summarizing info about it. I no longer work on this.


ipwhere is a nifty tool that tells in what country and continent a given IP address resides. I no longer work on this.


Portable and extendable printf and string functions: trio!


Convert a mail to a short plain-text: mail2sms. I no longer work on this.


An ANSI C preprocessor: fcpp


dbestfit is a complete and stand-alone memory system (malloc, realloc, free etc) replacement using a best-fit algorithm. I no longer work on this.


I and a few friends were gonna build ourselves a nice media computer/PVR. I collected some details and bits here. I no longer work on this.

Subversion List Archives

I run a few web archives of some Subversion-related mailing lists: Subversion Mailing List Archives


I'm active in the libssh2 project and I co-admin it.

Idling or Simply Inactive in These Open Source Projects

These are projects that I have been participating in, but I haven't been doing much lately or that I have abandoned completely:

subversion, hypermail, openpackages, smash, Dispair, recentcvs, Blockspam, dancer, denise, frexxed, FPL,, Netracer, Triacle, wget