Rockbox on Dell Digital Jukebox

Dell Digital JukeboxThere’s a bunch of eager hackers hanging out in the Rockbox forums, working on getting a Rockbox port for the Dell DJ going.

This player has a monochrome LCD at 160×104, features the dreaded TMS320 series MCU and comes with up to 20GB hard drive.

3 Responses to “Rockbox on Dell Digital Jukebox”

  1. leoguus Says:

    Hi. I am new here, so I apologize if I am making a stupid obvious question. Was there a firmware made for the Dell DJ? I have a Gen 1 and I think its time to get a facelift to the device. I will love to have the Rockbox installed. Thanks.

  2. daniel Says:

    The little progress and work that has happened has been posted in that Rockbox forum thread. There are no secret or hidden development done anywhere. If you really want Rockbox on this device I suggest you step up and help making it happen.

  3. LambdaCalculus379 Says:

    I had started some work on the Dell DJ, but had stopped when my Dell DJ had died on me. Lesson of the day: be careful when modifying firmwares and flashing them. :)

    Until I can get another Dell DJ, this project is on hold. If you’d like to help contribute, feel free to.