Rockbox on iAudio 7

Cowon iAudio 7We’re slowly building a team and effort in the Rockbox project to make a port to the Cowon iAudio 7 player.

It’s a 60 gram 4/8/16 GB flash player with a 1.3″ 160×128 TFT LCD, FM tuner, Telechips TCC771 MCU and a bunch of chips familiar to us from other existing Rockbox ports.

TMM already bricked his first player…

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13 thoughts on “Rockbox on iAudio 7”

  1. I would be glad to stock my iaudio7 with rockbox…..
    But, i think, there aren’t enough people, wanting the same?
    how does the project progresses?
    Is there any chance?

  2. The amount of people wanting something has no impact at all in this context. The effort and time people put into this is what matters. Obviously there’s only a single person who works on the iAudio7 port so it is bound to take whatever time he needs (if it ever completes at all).

  3. I’m very interested on a rockbox porting for iaudio 7…
    I’ll be happy also to join the group, if you want please mail me…

  4. There’s no particular “team” working on this. Read the forum thread, participate in the talks, do what you think is needed and together we bring this forwards step by step. Everyone is invited and welcome to do their share!

  5. well, apparently the project has stalled for a while but go look over here:

    if we get a couple good programmers who are willing to do it, and i think there is enough interest in the project….

    i think the first step is to go talk to TMM, see what he’s done up to now and then look for more people willing to help….

    unfortunately, i have no skills in programming whatsoever, but maybe there’s stuff even ignorants can do to help….

  6. oh, cool, comments

    i’m very interested in the rockbox
    but have no idea for programming…

  7. would be pleased to get informations
    i’m not often here… so if anyone wants to
    tell me news

  8. I would like to contribute. I’m not an IT guy, nor a computer engineer. I am an MD with a couple of spare IQ points and a strong desire to see my i7 rockboxed.

    If I could help with organization, computing, imaging, time, effort, doing windows, getting coffee – please respond at:

    [since removed]

    Take care,

  9. Hello,

    Ihave a IAudio 7 and I’m very interesting in Rockbox support on it.

    Yesterday I compiled sources from svn and after solve some problems, some plugins didn’t compile, I got a
    First I unzip it on to IAudio and Rockbox.bin it didn’t recognize new firmware and I decided to rename to I7_FW.bin and IAudio started to install. But after reboot it, it won’t turn on.
    I have try to push the reset button but nothing happens, any light turn on, :-(. And Windows and Linux doesn’t recognize as usb disk.
    Do you know how I can restore or reset it ?

    Thank you much.

  10. mozz: use the Rockbox regular forums and you will have a higher chance of getting help than here.

    IAudio 7 is still a target under development (or possibly stalled development) so you should expect problems and quirks and be prepared that Rockbox and associated code doesn’t yet work properly.

    I don’t own an IAudio 7 and I personally have no idea how to restore it from the state you’ve put it into.

    Here’s the link to the Rockbox forum thread on this particular device:

  11. Seems like the project has been stalled for several months. Has anyone heard anything about continuing the development?

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