I Like GMT+2 better

In Sweden we switch to good time (daylight wise) in the early spring and we switch off the good time over to bad time in late October (the 28th this year).

Seriously, the non-daylight savings time is not good for us not even during winter. We’d be much better off with GMT+2 all the time.

I’m not sure this is because we’re this far up north in this particular time zone (Central European Time), or if perhaps most citizens in it feel the same. And if they do, would that imply that most of the people in neighboring zones also think they have the wrong time?

One thought on “I Like GMT+2 better”

  1. “Time” as we experience it on earth is indexed from local noon, a moment that can be ascertained by direct (or indirect) observation of the sun. It seems a far simpler and less messy solution to simply start the workday at 6:00 a.m. and end it at 3:00 p.m. This constant politically motivated jiggery-pokery of moving clock values back and forth twice a year is really no more than a massive exercise in self-deception of rather doubtful utility.

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