Food Calendar

MatkalendernFacing the every day problem with what to eat, planning and shopping food for the family I took the familiar route: I wrote a web site (the site is in Swedish!) and service for it to ease this boring work!

Using this site, you enter the recipes of the dishes you tend to eat, you assign meals to days and then you can get the site to produce a nice and handy shopping list of all the ingredients that the planned meals require.

With multiple users, you can bookmark other users’ recipes to avoid having to enter them yourself. With top-lists and statistics you can see what meals you plan to eat the most and the least and so on. It actually works pretty neat. We have a set of user logins handed out as well, but I don’t think very many people other than me and my wife actually use it…

It still has lots of room for improvements to make it even easier to plan and to make the grocery store shopping list easier and quicker to deal with, but it scratches my itch already and I’m improving it slowly over time. I started the development of this in early 2006 and we’ve been using it in my family for well over a year now.

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