libcurl and libwww today

There’s talk in the Debian camp about dropping libwww as it is over 5 years since its last release and over a year since the last CVS commit in that project. It is also abandoned by the W3C these days. It seems there are just about two remaining packages depending on it, Amaya and wmweather+.libcurl

Amaya seems to at least discuss moving over to libcurl. I don’t know about wmweather+, but looking at their code, I actually think switching to libcurl will improve their code… not really related, but still about curl, one post on the Amaya list mentioned this weird list of user-agents you should block from your site, as it claims they are “spam bots” and it explicitly mentions curl in there…

Darcs is however currently adding support for libwww since it apparently does pipelining better, where as libcurl still has some flaws in its support for that.