Shootout cancelled for now

Yeah, I wasn’t thinking clearly when I started this test at this time, as I then had mail servers taken down and replaced and what not, and all that extra bouncing-around of mails no doubt will affect what ends up or not in my (spamassassin) end so I’ll just stop the test right now and once everything is settled again I may restart it. If the mood and energy for it returns!

The spamassassin gmail shootout

I’ve seen and heard so many people saying good things about gmail’s spam filter, and yet the few times I’ve redirected some of my (fairly large) mail feed through gmail I’ve not been that impressed. So, Igmail logo decided I’d fire off a test. I forward a good deal of my mail through both my local spamassassin-protected mailbox and to my gmail account and I do some detailed notes about what happens. It’ll be fun.