ohloh vs statcvs

I’ve played a bit with statcvs lately and I generated reports for the curl repository. It turned out rather interesting (well, assuming you’re a statistics geek such as me) especially in comparison to the data and stats ohloh.net presents for the same code:

Executive summary:

  • I’ve done 82% of all code changes.
  • We seem to grow at roughly the same pace (both number of code lines and number of files) over the last years.
  • The lines of code per file count seems rather fixed

Oh, that initial big bump at late 1999/early 2000 was due to a lot of “wrong” files such as configure, config.guess etc were committed and subsequently removed. It is a bit annoying to have there as it ruins the data somewhat but I’ve not managed to fool statcvs into ignoring that part…