Saying lib out loud

Not being a native English speaker, I’ve always pronounced libcurl with a ‘lib’ part as if it was part of ‘liberty’, and ‘curl’ with a K sound and ending with ‘earl’. I don’t know of any Swedes who would not pronounce ‘lib’ like that, but when speaking Swedish we’re of course highly influenced by other things so it’s not really relevant.

It wasn’t until I got on FLOSS Weekly that I fully realized that some English speakers would actually pronounce the ‘lib’ part as the first syllable of ‘library’ and that does make sense considering lib is short for library.

But libcurl is just a smaller player here. How do you English speakers pronounce libc? libxml? libgcc?

And yes, this is another one of those really important issues in life. Almost as important as how to close parenthetical expressions with emoticons!

9 thoughts on “Saying lib out loud”

  1. I, a native speaker (from America) saw ‘lib’ and started saying lib as in liberty. I don’t know much about others though

  2. I’m also a native of the States. I can’t recall ever hearing anyone ever pronounce it as the “lib” in “library”, but always as “liberty”. And I also pronounce “cURL” as the actual English word “curl”.

    OTOH, I usually pronounce “char” (the C type) as the first syllable in “character” (like “care”). I think I’m in the minority on that; I also hear “char” (as the English word) and “car”.

    I recently heard someone being lightly ribbed for pronouncing “ioctl” as I/O kuh-tll (which is how I’ve always pronounced it internally) as being “old-fashioned”, as apparently all the kids these days are pronouncing it “eye octal” (I hate that, personally).

    I’ve never known how to pronounce . I think I actually just say “standard I/O dot h” or something.

  3. I seems ‘liberty’ is winning (based on some off-blog chats I’ve also had on the topic) pretty clearly.

    Further, I call the variable type char as in ‘charity’ for some reason. ioctl I spell each letter (in English). I doubt I would even understand what “eye octal” would refer to if someone would say it (before this)! … and stdio.h is “standard I-O dot h” for me.

  4. I’ve never heard anyone with native English pronunciation say it, but without a reason I always pronounce it the “liberty” way. I don’t know, maybe I am wrong but this was more natural for me.

  5. As another native English speaker, I’ve always pronounced the “lib” in many “lib*” anything as in “liberty”. I also say cURL as “curl”. Some, like libmtp for example, are “lib-M-T-P”.

  6. lets get one thing straight… americans speak american not english 😀
    I’ve always pronounced lib as in liberty and char as in charcoal…
    I dont think I’ve ever been in a position where ioctl comes up but its being pronounced by the little voice in my head as eye-oh-control or spelt letter by letter…

    the whole thing doesnt make sense… whats the logic behind saying liberty with a soft i (i hope im getting the terminology right) and library with a hard i when its liberty that has the e which should make it a hard i?

    Also, what the heck is with pronouncing finance with the same soft i? I know by my previous statement that would make sense, but it just sounds funny, its fEYEnance…

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