Frank Gevaerts and Jonas Häggqvist in the Rockbox project spent some time the other night when they should’ve been sleeping and made the Rockbox USB stack possible to fake being an iPod and thereby tricking iTunes to work with a non-iPod player quite transparently. As the picture shows, the target used here is a SanDisk Sansa e2x0 player…


This is still work in progress and not yet in SVN. Keep up with the bleeding edge activity in the #rockbox IRC channel on freenode!

6 thoughts on “Rockboxitunes”

  1. Riffer: the screenshot is real enough, and so is the code. What surprised me is that people seem to seriously want this.

  2. That is the point!

    I ask myself is what apple thinks about this…
    … but as we all know they do not give anything about the prior art of rb in usability.

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