Rockbox seen on iPod Classic

Rockbox tiny

After a very long time of work, a very very long time since these devices were introduced on the mp3 player market, the hard working guys from have produced something on yet another device. This is the same group that previously was called linux4nano and worked so long and fiercely to get code running on the 2nd generation iPod Nano and the 4th generation iPod Nano.

At the end of December 2010, Michael “TheSeven” Sparmann announced that he was running custom code including music playback on the iPod Classic. The (sometimes) so called 6th generation.

Robert Menes spiced up the story today by showing us a live picture of a Classic device that now actually is running Rockbox:

Rockbox on the iPod Classic

Awesome work Michael, truly impressive. I hope a lot of Classic owners soon will be able to try out Rockbox for real. Rockbox is said to not yet be very stable or functional, so there’s a lot of room for more hackers and developers to join in and help us improve!

6 thoughts on “Rockbox seen on iPod Classic”

  1. While this isn’t technically the first song played on this port, the song displayed is the first track I ever played on a Rockboxed DAP way back in 2006. My first Rockboxable DAP was the iPod Video 5.5G, 30GB.

  2. This is just soooo AWESOME!! On a scale from 1 to 42, how close is a stable RockBox release with a working bootloader?

  3. @Jo: for all up-to-date details on Rockbox, try the site or the rockbox-dev mailing list or even the #rockbox IRC channel.

  4. best news I’ve heard all week! I just found out about this today when randomly checking the RB forum for an update — my wife keeps bugging me about when RB will run on her gen2 classic 120gb 😛

  5. Any word on the original 160GB 1G working? I’ve been waiting all this time, and now it looks like I may have the ONE model that doesn’t work.. *face palm*

  6. @Matthew: don’t lose all hope too quckly; remember that the 80gb 5.5gen ipod was completely unsupported for a long time due to a HD compatibility issue too. AFAIK the toughest hurdle for porting rockbox to the iPod classic line is now behind us, all we need now is to give the devs a little patience and encouragement and before too long all models will probably work great.

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