Foss-sthlm number five!

In the series of Free Software and Open Source talks and seminars we’ve been doing in the Foss-sthlm community, we are about to set off the fifth meetup on February 24, 2011 in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden. This time we will offer six talks by six different persons, all skilled and well educated within their respective topics.

The event will be held completely in Swedish, and the talks that are planned to get presented are as following:

  1. Foss in developing nations – Pernilla Näsfors
  2. Open Source Framework Agreements in the Swedish Government – Daniel Melin
  3. From telecommunications to computer networks security for real-timecommunications over IP – Olle E Johansson
  4. Maintaining – how to manage your FOSS project – Daniel Stenberg (yes, that’s me)
  5. Peek in HTTP and HTTP traffic – Henrik Nordström
  6. Cease and desist, stories from threat mails received in the Rockbox project – Björn Stenberg

As usual, we do this admission free and our sponsor (CAG this time) will provide with something to eat and drink. After all the scheduled talks (around 20:00) we’ll continue the evening at a pub somewhere and discuss open source and free software over a beer or two.

See you there!