curl 7.22.0

Another release of curl and libcurl just happened. 7.22.0 is released.

Apart from the 28 something documented bug fixes, we introduce a range of changes that could be noteworthy:

  • Added CURLOPT_GSSAPI_DELEGATION – remember that we explicitly disabled GSSAPI delegation in our previous release due to a security problem. Now we introduce an option for the application to control exactly how to behave.
  • Added support for NTLM delegation to Samba’s winbind daemon helper ntlm_auth. This lets libcurl use the external helper program to do things like NTLM single-sign on.
  • Display notes from setup file in – provides a way for test clients to provide more information back to the centralized test summary on the primary server.
  • BSD-style lwIP TCP/IP stack experimental support on Windows – there are still flaws in lwIP on windows that prevents it from working properly
  • OpenSSL: Use SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS if available – this is basically a way to ask OpenSSL to use less memory
  • –delegation was added to set CURLOPT_GSSAPI_DELEGATION – simply the new option exported to the command line tool
  • nss: start with no database if the selected database is broken – a slightly modified behavior
  • telnet: allow programatic use on Windows – basically making the windows implementation in sync with how the non-windows version already has worked for quite some time

This release is this great thanks to 25 friendly contributors.