My talks at FOSDEM 2015


Sunday 13:00, embedded room (Lameere)

Tile: Internet all the things – using curl in your device

Embedded devices are very often network connected these days. Network connected embedded devices often need to transfer data to and from them as clients, using one or more of the popular internet protocols.

libcurl is the world’s most used and most popular internet transfer library, already used in every imaginable sort of embedded device out there. How did this happen and how do you use libcurl to transfer data to or from your device?

Note that this talk was originally scheduled to be at a different time!

Sunday, 09:00 Mozilla room (UD2.218A)

Title: HTTP/2 right now

HTTP/2 is the new version of the web’s most important and used protocol. Version 2 is due to be out very soon after FOSDEM and I want to inform the audience about what’s going on with the protocol, why it matters to most web developers and users and not the last what its status is at the time of FOSDEM.

2 thoughts on “My talks at FOSDEM 2015”

  1. Are these talks going to be recorded? If not can you give me the notes on the embedded talk. Embedded is really ramping up there’s a whole new internet of things on the way. I can’t wait for my toaster to attack me.

  2. The HTTP/2 one will be recorded if things go according to plan, I don’t know about the curl one.

    I will post my slides for both talks after I’ve done them – they won’t be ready until then as I’ll polish and edit them all up until the last day.

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