curl option-of-the-week

The curl command line tool has a lot of options. And I really mean a lot, as in more than two hundred of them. After the pending release, I believe the exact count is 229.

Starting now, I intend to write and blog about a specific curl command line option per week (or so). With details, examples, maybe history and whatever I can think of is relevant to the option. Quite possibly some weeks will just get shorter posts if I don’t have a lot to say about it.

curl command line option of the week; ootw.

This should keep me occupied for a while.


This will later feature the list of options with links to the dedicate blog posts about them. If you have preferences of what options to cover, do let me know and I can schedule them early on, otherwise I plan to go over them in a mostly random order.

-m, --max-time
-k, --insecure
-U, --proxy-user
-G, --get
-Y, --speed-limit
-r, --range

2 thoughts on “curl option-of-the-week”

  1. Use of –connect-to
    What does HOST2 do?
    Also, is it preferred to use –resolve or –connect-to?

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