16000 curl commits

Almost 14 months since I celebrated 15,000 commits in curl’s source code repository I have now passed 16,000 commits.

My commit number 16,000 was a minor man page fix.

The official gitstats page shows that I’ve committed changes on almost 4,600 separate days since the year 2000.

16,000 commits is 13,413 commits more than the person with the second-most number of commits: Yang Tse (2587 commits). He has however not committed anything in curl since he vanished from the project in 2013.

I have also done 4,700 commits in the curl-www repository, but that’s another story.

2 thoughts on “16000 curl commits”

  1. Interesting, I can find no information about “Yang Tse” outside curl’s old mailing lists, but “YangTse” probably means “Yangtze” river (the longest in China).

    Is he a mythical anonymous hacker from eastern asian contributed a lot to your project then disappear like a shadow ninja?

    1. Saffi: Yes, you are in fact very close to the truth! Mr “Yang Tse” used that pseudonym for all his contributions to curl under many years (he has commits recorded over a period of eight years) and only once when he left the project he contacted me and revealed his real name. I honor his will by leaving his contributions under the name he contributed them.

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