curl 8.2.1

Welcome. Due to some annoying regressions in the previous release we think we owned it to everyone to do a quick patch follow-up.

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Release presentation


the 221st release
0 changes
7 days (total: 9,259)

27 bug-fixes (total: 9,194)
37 commits (total: 30,646)
0 new public libcurl function (total: 91)
0 new curl_easy_setopt() option (total: 303)

0 new curl command line option (total: 255)
20 contributors, 7 new (total: 2,927)
13 authors, 3 new (total: 1,173)
0 security fixes (total: 146)


Here are some the most important fixes in this release

configure: check for nghttp2_session_get_stream_local_window_size

We use this function now, introduced in nghttp2 1.15.0, released in September 2016.

return IPv6 first for localhost resolves

Resolving “localhost” did not return the (fixed) addresses in the correct order. It now returns IPv6 as the first.

http2 regression on upload EOF handling

When we added an optimization in the previous release we missed a code path that sometimes lead to “hanging” uploads over HTTP/2.


curl builds fine for “IBM i” again.

quiche: fix lookup of transfer at multi

Doing multiplexed HTTP/3 over multiple connections with quiche works much better.

mkhelp: strip off escape sequences

The command sequence that generates the man page display code for the --manual option did at some point regress to include escape sequences. Now those sequences are properly filtered out.


A build problem was fixed for these rare platforms.

do not clear the credentials on redirect to absolute URL

Yet another regression that we allowed because we apparently did not have a test for this! Now we have a test and redirects to the same origin when using -u for credentials now send the credentials even in the redirected request.