Sansa V2 and View Roundup

There’s been eager activity in the Rockbox forums lately, and I’ve also had help from friendly guys over at anythingbutipod. But now things are much clearer on the Hardware front of many of the recent SanDisk Sansa players:

Sansa ViewSanDisk has released new or updated mp3 players this autumn, named Sansa View, Sansa e200 v2, Sansa c200 v2, Sansa m200 and Sansa Clip. I’ve summed up the situation on the pages those links take you.

All models except the View use the same main SoC chip now, the AS3525. Funnily, the new m200 isn’t called v2 or anything but it is still totally new hardware compared to the older model called… m200!

There’s no docs available for the AS3525 (yet), and the firmware format for it is still not figured out. There’s lots of work to be done, so we really can use all the help you can offer!